Monday, 29 May 2017


This is the longest ive ever gone without posting since starting my blog. I haven't even been reading other peoples blogs, a complete blogging detox has been unintentionally achieved. 
At least I can come back with a fresh mind, fresh ideas and hopefully some free time is headed my way in the near future. It's crazy how quickly life can pass you by, I think we all need to take a break from everything to refresh our minds to start feeling inspired again. 
I've finished 2nd year at university and dived straight into a new internship at a fashion PR company. PR is all very new and exciting for me and I cant wait to be challenged by work and start learning again. 

Today I present the jacket dress. This piece is something we all need in our wardrobes, multi functional for the win. 
I think the chic shape of the tailored jacket provides a good base to accessorize with louder accessories. Que tacky gold and tortoiseshell plastic belt worn as necklace.

Look is all thrifted apart from the shoes that I had to borrow off my mother as I forgot to bring my own. They are from Clarkes. 

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