Thursday, 23 February 2017


I find myself continually perplexed when it comes to the direction I want to take my blog in. Whether to make it more of a professional fashion editorial style or more personal to me, sharing more than just fashion. I find myself with conflicting ideas most days which is why I haven't taken the plunge yet to have a change as of yet. I read lots of posts from such a broad spectrum and have to conclude that I enjoy a mix of the two different styles. 
With that thought fresh in my mind I've decided, for the near future at least, I will find a middle ground and be creating some more personal/ normal everyday posts alongside my normal outfit posts. A mash up. My main goal is that I would like to get more content out, yet to be able to do this without blog stuff taking over my life! I would hope that this type of post will evolve to become a more professional post anyway but for now lets enjoy a good ole mirror selfie. 

So for the first 'normal' post ive coming at you with a week in outfits. 7 days 7 looks and reams of navy.

 An insight into what ive been wearing day to day. What do you think to more posts like this? Please let me know. Favourite outfit? 

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